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Posted: 2011-07-24 07:29
Some crazy college kids riding the vapid 2008 'Yes We Can' bandwagon of empty rhetoric without purpose or meaning have launched some sort of plan to campout on Wall Street on the 17th of September. Here's a link to a discussion and planning of it on a social news site called Reddit with links to their official site and plans for what they'll actually do.reddit story to occupy wall street

They plan to stage some sort of demonstration in apparently Tahrir Square style or something similar. Lots of references to the power of social without any concrete set of demands or plans, just a lot of angry hippies.

What say ye, oh evil Wall Streeters, will you atone for your sins come that weekend or shall you continue in your perverted ways?

Seriously though, I better not be late to work because of this.

“Ruug caddaagii soo rogaalceli!”


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Posted: 2011-07-24 11:22
I hope those punks get the same treatment that some Greenpeace "activists" got back in 2005 in London:

Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders

Reddit is full of extremist Chomsky acolytes. I am not surprised they're organizing such acts of vandalism.


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Posted: 2011-07-28 05:48

Sigh...  Yawwwwn...  I can't believe I'm actually even responding to probable troll.  (I'm embarassed to give the impression that such suggestions merit a coherent response.)

Many people interpret the phrase "Wall Street" a bit too literally, as if the street which goes by the name of "Wall" were actually the geographic center of the U.S. financial markets.

When you see the "nightly news" on most channels or networks (if you still watch such drivel), how often do you see an image over the news reader's shoulder having a graphic of either the NYSE building, or else the Merrill Lynch bull.  Obviously any "journalists" involved in such drivel are unaware that the Merrill Lynch bull is not even on Wall Street.

For Wall Street to be the heart of the U.S. financial markets, equities would have to be the core of the financial markets.  Equities are the children's table at the family feast.  The largest chunks of daily trading volume predominantly happen outside the equities sectors, and outside of any exchange.

These kiddies have not caught on to the fact that the floor of the exchange is an antiquated relic which remains as little more than a symbol of the real action.  Let them have their temper tantrum outside of NYSE.  The joke is on them.


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