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Joined: Jul 2018
Posted: 2018-07-23 20:56
Hi all,

First time poster here and I will try to be short as possible. I am 23 right now.
So I graduate from UK University of Strathclyde Glasgow ( Joint Hons in Finance and Marketing) and then got a job in Morgan Stanley Glasgow ( middle office operations job). I am happy with my job but the pay is pretty bad.

I have been looking to get in better roles in the Financial Industry. From my research it seems like Private Equity is best thing because of the pay and the more normal working hours when compared to Investment Banking, but it seems like I do not have at all the background to get into PE and chances are less than 1%.

What do you think is my best option for my future career so I can maximize my income in the future? I have read getting into Corporate Development, Investment Banking or Venture Capital can be a way to get into PE, but from all the stuff I have been reading it seems likes it I have little chances getting into these as well.

I was thinking of getting CFA exams and/or Masters Degree or a MBA. Basically I am open to any options so I can earn more money in the financial industry.

Please help.



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Posted: 2018-07-26 02:37
If your goal is just to maximize how much you get paid, I would say work on getting into a tier 1 MBA program and then get into sales.
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