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Posted: 2017-06-12 16:36
I was wondering what some of you might be able to recommend I do directly after i complete my undergraduate bachelors degree. I'm getting into algotrading just recently, reading Chan's book on my own as well as exploring blogs and API's, but i was wondering what I should be doing to prepare for the job market. Should i focus on learning as much as I can? Any worthwhile internship programs that could teach me valuable skills in the field? In other words, how to I jump into this field after I finish my last year of school?

Any help is very much appreciated.


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Posted: 2017-08-21 19:25
Your post is a couple months old. What did you end up doing?

One of the biggest things that many algo developers struggle with at first is knowledge of how the markets actually work. Learning the difference in the order types, and how the exchange matching engines actually match orders together is very important. Each asset class, and sometimes even products within an asset class, use different matching algorithms. Every exchange has their own order types.

Also learn how the money moves. Just because you made a trade doesn't mean that money moved into our out of your account. Learning the fundamentals of how the post-trade transaction processing is very important too. A good book to read is "After the trade is made" that covers Cash Equities really well. A short summary of this subject for US based futures trading can be read here:


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Posted: 2019-03-12 07:15
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