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Posted: 2019-02-11 08:46
I couldn't care less about anything any longer. Can't get up toward the beginning of the day, can't go to class, can't work. Examining and accomplishing scholarly objectives was my life, yet my mind isn't working, can't review anything any longer, in part in light of the fact that there is nothing I could recollect, in light of the fact that I couldn't focus in classes and couldn't peruse my course readings in any case. What's more, the most exceedingly bad thing is that I couldn't care less. I couldn't care less that my friends disdain me since I'm the weakest understudy in class, I couldn't care less that I fizzled 2 subjects in the firs semester, I couldn't care less that my folks will probably rebuff me on the off chance that they got some answers concerning it, I couldn't care less that I will be nothing, I will accomplish nothing and I will kick the bucket alone flat broke.

There are a couple of minutes when I 'wake up' from this perspective. For instance I as of late got a message about some sort of math rivalry at do my assignment for me. Math was my most loved subject, I took an interest rivalries and so on, presently I nearly bombed in Calculus I. My heart began hustling quick lastly for a couple of moments I felt something. 'What have I done?I went poorly class today, I didn't compose my task which was expected a week ago! What the heck is occurring to my mind? What have they done to me?'- normally this contemplations enter my thoughts at these occasions. After these scaled down fits of anxiety I backslide and keep doing nothing and feeling nothing.


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Posted: 2019-02-13 19:17
Does your school provide mental health services or counseling? I think you should talk to someone and you are unlikely to find useful advice on an internet forum.


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Posted: 2019-02-14 06:46
Sigh, kids these days.
@Orisis2 Can’t you recognise a spam posting?

The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom Henry L. Mencken


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Posted: 2019-02-14 18:14
Love the username calling card.

"Yeh, after that blow out I bid the bonds at 76 and you hit man...You're 77/81 now? Cool man...What? Do I care at 80? No mate... I'm 73 bid now...I'm sure you didn't just load up just for me...".


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Posted: 2019-03-13 12:57
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