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Posted: 2019-04-13 10:50
Let's suppose we have data with the following columns: timestamp, bid price, ask price, alpha. The alpha column shows a signal that was generated by model, which tells us whether it's a good idea to buy now (the signal is strongly positive) or to sell. We want to evaluate the PnL(Profit and Loss) of a simple strategy: we can only be long 1 lot, short 1 lot or flat (0 position).
We assume that while writing this strategy we will have a parameter that regulates how strong should be the signal for us to enter into a position, that is a threshold for the alpha. There is a comission of 0.0011% of the asset price per 1 lot of traded asset.
Is there some methods to find threshold, that optimises PnL? Sharpe Ratio?


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Posted: 2019-04-13 12:01
You are asking if there is way to set the threshold on a parameter (which defines if you set 1 = long , -1 = short or 0=flat) that optimizes your PNL on historical data ?

Yes. There are tons of ways to do that. From a simple grid search (loop over the back test several times, each time changing the threshold) to using a meta heuristic like simulated annealing or an evolutionary algorithm (google differential evolution, this is my workhorse for these things).

So yes, you could do it. But please keep in mind: this is a horrible way to over-fit your strategy.

And sorry if I misunderstood your question and telling you stuff you already know.

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Posted: 2019-04-15 10:32
I think the biggest fallacy here is strong signal => high pnl per lot.

If you can filter out trades with low per lot, you can also do much better than that - e.g. scale trades by signal strength, only enter trades with >99% positive pnl etc.

Like @maggette says, what you are proposing to do is overfitting. Won't work. Before you go there, spend a long time working out what exactly the relationship is between signal strength and per lot.

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