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Posted: 2019-05-17 22:57
per the General thread on leaving [having left] finance.

I was talking to a former Murray Hill resident about the changes in server admin. Server admins of his vintage have been outmoded. Something similar to the Rails productivity revolution occurred within the last 5–10 years in server admin, which is why Puppet is now (seemingly) a ≥$100k skill.

Unlike "data science" or anything that claims to involve mathematics, increased productivity in terms of servers managed per person [puppet etc] or speed of website development per programmer [rails etc] actually makes sense.

And doesn’t depend upon knowing, or helping, oil billionaires.

For students, career changers, etc., with a tech bent, this might be a good direction.

I did the puppet learning VM. It hasn’t lead anywhere, but if I were 25 I would be looking into this kind of thing.
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