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Posted: 2019-06-13 07:03
My employer is trying to be like Google and making a massive push to modularize all of our internal software into standalone platforms. Now I have the unfortunate task of spec'ing out one of these projects. I took a good look at the ecosystem of vendor solutions out there but it feels like everything is commoditized.

With symmetry to this thread on the interesting things left on the trading side, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks is interesting work left on the financial software side? Most common pain points that you're experiencing that you wish there open source or vendor solutions for?

A few things that I'm bearish on:
- Low touch execution seems like the obvious place for consolidation, I think the ORC, RTS, SR Labs, QuantHouse M&A movement is expected and we'll see more of it.
- Blockchain for settlements is ridiculously overhyped. I don't think I've come across any blockchain developer that has worked with Traiana, which is such a massive beast that already behaves like a blockchain.
- Backtesting software. Quantopian and QuantConnect appear to have saturated their reach here but still don't have a scalable business model.
- Time series databases. Tired of seeing the (n+1)th reiteration of column-oriented serialization. I think the most interesting projects here are driven by web-based companies with distributed, cloud-based architectures (like ClickHouse).
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