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Posted: 2019-09-02 12:32
I found a small niche in the market where there is a chance to make latency arbitrage.

This advantage has been there for more than 10 years and was initially exploited by some who did it manually. For 5 years it has been exploited by an algorithmic trader. They are not professionals, so they can be beaten easily.

The annual volume of the advantage is about $5 billion per year while the gain is about $1 M per year.

This advantage is found in different markets but are located in the same equinix datacenter.

I don't think big companies like jumps or towers come to take this advantage. It's too low a volume for them. If there is some small company that already has software and hardware I can provide advice to take advantage.


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Posted: 2019-09-02 23:34
it's easy to "find" latency arb opportunities from data.


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Posted: 2019-09-03 09:56
The problem is that there is no seller for this data. It is a market with few brokers and technological solutions and therefore the data are low level. To collect this "high level" data you must be privileged.

I have analyzed their balance sheets and for all the years they are always on an average volume of 5 billion with an income of $1M this means that they earn on average 0.02% per arbitrage.

For those with superior hardware and a European office I will provide the best broker and technology partner to take this advantage.


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Posted: 2019-09-12 10:50
Advantage what type of advantage you want. If you want to make a good from online boundbuzz and then want to for any advanture trip this is advantage.


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Posted: 2019-09-22 01:14
Since no one has contacted me I will reveal the advantage of latency.

The advantage lies on the Italian bond. between the mot/euromot managed by "borsa italiana spa" and eurotlx initially founded by a consortium of banks now owned by "borsa italiana spa"(london exchange).

The company that is taking advantage is called "algebrica srl". initially they used the broker "akros spa". which is part of "banca popolare di milano" specializing in brokerage in fact serves for the Italian part binck bank.

Now these guys are using the broker (directa sim spa) and use a software that complies with the stock exchanges that is provided exclusively by "list spa".

This advantage can be eliminated if the market makers align between the two markets. But this hasn't happened yet for decades.

There are 4 other Italian technology companies that offer similar services so those who want can go and get the advantage.

So to take this advantage creates the best partnership with the broker. put a server with custom hardware and find the best technology partner to earn this million dollars a year
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