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Posted: 2004-12-26 18:49

I guess this is an offshoot of James' thread on Jean Allen Paulos' book.

What 'easy going' finance related books have you read and enjoyed?

Here are four I have on my bookself and would recommend:

A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market
by John Allen Paulos

When Genius Failed : The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management

Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street
by Michael Lewis

Dumb Money : Adventures of a Day Trader

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Posted: 2004-12-26 19:19
FIASCO is an obvious one to add...

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Posted: 2004-12-26 19:55
Not about trading and a little old, but "Barbarians at the Gate" is great.

Chiral is Tyler Durden


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Posted: 2004-12-26 19:58
"Inventing Money" is another account of LTCM worth reading.

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Posted: 2004-12-26 20:49

den of thieves, which is great, and much more readable than predators' ball, though the latter is better for the nitty gritty of the Drexel deals. 



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Posted: 2004-12-26 23:28
The Sun that never rose , a book about Japanese investment banking attempts during the 80s, nice to read.


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Posted: 2004-12-27 00:57
"Ugly Americans", although not as well written as Michael Lewis or genius failed. Still the only book I know of to talk about hf's in asia during the mid 90's.

Alan K's "Wall Street Meat" is an account of equity analysts selling hot dot-com ipo's. He writes about Jack Grubman, Mary Meeker, and Quattrone on a more personal level, and tells a tale behind the news headlines.

Also Soros Alchemy of Finance is a good read, whether you agree with him on or not on certain viewpoints.

These books are good train and bus companions.

Reading taleb's DH on a train ride caused bad headache Sad

Must allocate some quality reading time to finish DH someday...


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Posted: 2004-12-27 01:09

Bonfire of the vanities

Monkey Business

You might very well think that, I couldn't possibly comment.

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Posted: 2004-12-27 02:38

Right now I'm reading "The Number" by Alex Berenson.  The number is obviously, EPS, and the book is about how it has gained such all importance.

A few years ago I read "Rogue Trader" then last week I read "The Collapse of Barings".  Two diametrically opposed books on the same subject!

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Posted: 2004-12-27 20:49
The Predictors is mildly amusing

And Niederhoffer is alwas good for a laugh

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Posted: 2004-12-27 23:39
recently finished Monkey Business.

Infectious Greed was considerably less easy going but worthwhile.

Running Money was pretty interesting.

Smartest Guys in the Room is also interesting. In the style of Barbarians at the Gate.

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Posted: 2004-12-27 23:42
just finished Barbarians and i liked it (being quite rooky i didn't know about the end and there were so much suspence i spend hours reading on and on)

started (and nearly finished already) liar's poker, like it very much alos it's lighter than barbarians, got others to read, will provide feedback

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Posted: 2004-12-28 00:37
Given that the thread is about "easy going", anyone have reviews of these as Audiobooks?

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Posted: 2004-12-28 05:55
There is yet another book by Michael Lewis, The Money Culture. It's a collection of essays that he wrote after Liar's Poker. Very funny. Highly recommended.

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Posted: 2004-12-28 11:07

Haven't read it yet, but Maggie Mahar's Bull looks like fun.

Just finished The Great Crash by Galbraith; very enjoyable, easy read, and eternally relevant.

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Posted: 2004-12-29 06:28
yep. The Great Crash was awesome, and i got it for free - found it on the table in Starbucks... some old edition, too, like 1950's

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